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Parapsychology courses
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roterb # Parapsychology courses


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Parapsychology courses

While putting my course together, I have done my best to create a favorable environment that will facilitate the successful development of your abilities and capabilities. To make it clearer, let's compare a gift with a tree. For a plant to grow fast and healthily, it needs some good soil and proper care.

The system is similar in class: we are creating some fertile base by removing stones from it, namely, all those problems and difficulties hindering the development of our abilities. Not only do fear, resentment, guilt, low self-esteem, and irritability interfere in our everyday life, but also they become an obstacle to disclose our internal reserves. Having obtained a pure and free soul, you will be able to acquire peace and turn to a new state. That is why the first stage of our joint work is the purification of the soul.

At the same time, we are involved in bioenergy. Not only does the course include cleaning channels and renewing energy, but also energy healing. The program involves mastering this skill on astral, karmic, and mental levels. The bonus is the "magic wand" technique. Another interesting section of our cooperation is the field diagnostics, vampirism, and protection.

Nowadays a lot of people are attracted by such a concept as clairvoyance. We will pay enough attention to this part as well. Thanks to the eidetic clairvoyance you will be able to see your future and find your Spiritual Mentor. You will open the synesthetic clairvoyance during the second week of classes.

Training extrasensory practices will take place throughout the course.

I would like to note that as a result of our cooperation you will get the skills and knowledge that will help you in the following activities:

karmic therapy.
There will be a pleasant surprise for many of you, namely, wish fulfillment. We will help you focus your energy to make your cherished dreams come true.

More information on the website https://mag-salon.com/training
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